Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unmonitored Search Engines

I like to walk, walk with no destination, feeling the warm sun on my almost spring skin and discover the city smell on my clothes. This smells to me and all mixing all the time, everywhere, all over the city.

You in the place where we stayed. I looking around for something to happen, I love spy people think they are, how will their lives, to assume where they go, they will, who will go to meet, fantasizing about how they like to fuck ...

brunette girl crosses the square while their heels rattle with that tic -tac characteristic. I watch the clock. It's beautiful. It seems that everyone has stopped to look. Everything that exists in the square seems to float around that ass that moves as if it was alive, everything else seems static and insubstantial as she passes. Her eyes are sad. I swear that's been crying. I think she likes to fuck in silence as she closes her eyes, someone patting with fingertips and makes you feel living on the patent leather heels. Who knows? Walks past me and smiled ...

A ray of light strikes the corner of my sunglasses reaching my eyes, I turn my head, I feel someone behind me but the sun blinded me and I can not see anything . Smells like you. You're throwing your breath on my neck.

- Hello, nooo, do not giressss

And you drop the " that " on my spine desire spreading all over my body from your mouth. I do not know yet but thanks to the gesture I feel a little drop of me slipping into my panties, bathing slightly my slit, tickling me, I emputece. But I do not spin. I stick to my lower back and one hand on my side to reach the hip. That gesture of taking you into my pelvis but you stop and back again, lower the hand and squeezed my ass. I close my eyes. I swallow. I feel my desire traveling, I'm dying because I fuck.

- yet ... Do not twist

- But I want to kiss you

- No, not yet.

Then tilt your head, gently drag my shirt and give me a kiss on the shoulder, another between the space between the shoulder and neck I bite your neck. I broke a shiver down your neck. Take my hand back trying to get you. Noto your hard cock rubbing against her ass. I light up.

We are under the arcades of the plaza lean as two kids who had no where to touch. Like pigs. As you like. Meanwhile, I get to your cock stiff and you touch my ass. I swing at you. Chases you in me ...

- we go?

I'm with you. Kiss me all the time, while light rays penetrate my hair. Shines. The air becomes like you, your smell makes me sick, feel the sand in your beard scraping the neck. We climbed precipitously the room. Kiss me, kiss me. Your fingers squeezed my tits and squeezed my nipples slightly, rising. You play with them, pinch them and make them jump as if'd trained. The kiss, the lames, you eat my tits covering my chest with your whole mouth, the tip of your tongue touches my nipples and I can almost feel the course of my nerves jumping through my body. Shine. Lean back on my body and descend on it skillfully. Kiss me again and again as you soak my pussy with desire, during inflation of flesh and blood, life beats you and me a little air coming from your lips touch my English.

very soft whisper: - I wish, I wish you ... and my mouth exhales my words like water vapor that just spraying your lips. I love your kisses on my pussy, I love the way you strive to my pleasure, hunger for joy, mine, and how I'll start my pleasure as a brave warrior spirit tear the enemy. And every time I look, shine.

know what you want. And I know how you want. You lie down on the floor. I kiss your lips are moist and cool, like the skin of the strawberries into the bite. I kiss your neck. Pinch your nipples. The kiss, lick. I pause. Noto my pussy quiver. Noto shakes slightly as my clit ... Power. I kiss you, kiss you all: the neck, hands, I licked his fingers. I love to lick your fingers as if you fuck with my mouth, I like playing with my tongue feel them, move them around, feeling as my mouth filled with saliva and your finger and my whole body seems filled with something wet and saliva.

I approach you, I kiss your mouth, chest, belly, sink my nose into your scent, I kiss your cock, hard, on, shiny eggs lick you, you Unto the thighs. My mouth can not help but devour. I climb under, I roll. Your fingers explore, investigate, search, investigate ... discovered. My throbbing hole in your finger. I cherish. I kiss your navel. Your now my boobs rubs cock that tend generous to you. You tickle my nipples chest. Kiss me, kiss me. Saco language and will offer it. I want your cock. I wish. Lick your cock. I wish so much that I have wanted to scream. Lick your asshole and my tongue is bathed in it, placid and languid, suck and licks until I feel my vertebrae heard rustling. I grabbed his dick, I look at you page. I want to hear. I want to hear your dick wet going up and down in my hand, I want that unique sound splashing in my hand, I hear how much trouble breathing when you and your cock up wasted, hear you enjoy, lick your hole, I taste your drops, I slide my tongue around the trunk of your cock. Emputezco me as I am about to cum. Respite. The bite slightly. Pajeando follow you (but why I will do this as a bitch?) as I feel in my hand the rigidity of your tail. Your dick is burning. My pussy is burning. Pant. Gasp. So I love you, fucking hard, out, dog.

ascend and sit on your face. I moan about you as my hips swaying on your lips. Your language leaves a trace of pleasure on my sex, swinging on the lips of my pussy, he stands in the clitoris, bathe you and I feel wet and feverish, your tongue continues to deliver to their business, as if she only knew exactly where the secret of all my pleasures, like you have a skill essential to find the exact, proper pressure, the caress beautiful, unique, my pussy and my soul needed. It is your dedication, your patience and generosity with which you shine your light on me. Your tongue will rest on my clit and press lightly tapping on it. Rhythm, without stopping, watching my reactions, getting rained on, delving into every gesture. Faster, slower, more pressure, less. Getting wet. The affection that I do on every lick me quickly leads to orgasm. I feel my heart downloading on my veins, my legs convulse on you. Bust. I run. I cum on your face shaking, my face getting wet fluid, soaking my joy, squeezing my thighs around your head, pushing my demons, hear the angels sing. I lie about you. Gratefully, orgasm, hot, trembling. I curl up on your skin. Sigh.

- 're divine

We take a ball. Your mouth will not stop kissing me. Your lips do not stop for me. All the time. I turn. Lift one leg and pat your thigh with my thigh. Your pet my pussy cock panting. Your fingers slightly open for me to leave my pussy ass exposed, lift the hips, gently nail me. I rock. The nail a little more, you stand, I penetrate. Do not you know that sweet feeling so hot so hard and nailed me. You do not know where I can feel, so far make me feel. I feel your fucking be inside of me beating me, beating me on the inside, full of life. I push. More, more, more. My whole body moves in rhythm to your cock, my head bobs, my boobs range that you are marking the beat, my hips up and down with you as you sink into my pussy again and again. I'm swinging in my pussy, our insatiable sex collide, am I wasting my head to the rhythm of the music that I feel inside, I head to the beat of my moaning, your sex, your strength, your
hungry ...

I can not help me fit, I rush, I get stronger. I get up.

I turn my back and I'm falling on you like a crazy rider. A powerful force possesses me. You look at me hypnotized. I grab your tits. I grab your hips while you joy violent, frenzied, passionate, crazy. Fuck you squat bent over you and my tits jump opposite to your mouth. You take lewd language and I trying to achieve fuck you angry, more quickly, without missing a beat, getting faster, stronger, more inside, more, more, I want more.

Then I stop. One moment, just a moment few seconds. You look at me surprised but do not say anything, just wheezing. I like to hear your breathing, how to have trouble breathing. Saco your tail, I caressed her pussy with your cock. I feel it slip between my lips. I feel every throb of my clit. The sink back into my hole, I feel inside, deep, mine, mine ...

resume my march. I mezo on you slowly. You smile. I swing on your dick and tight while my vagina to stroke your cock inside. I move forward and I catch me, I move back and I extend, once, again and again. More times. Many more times ... I rode. Freak out on you. A canter, gallop ... I feel your cock inside me and the touch of your pelvis on my clitoris, with each round, with each coming, I'm deep, I feel fresh, I feel great, I feel rich.

Something exploded in my head. You. I hear crackling like, your hands grasp my hands and move you in your trembling. I can feel your momentum scrambling as your orgasm electrifies your spine. It's so beautiful see you in that time. All you shine in taste, your moans are like sparks of color that float over our bodies and I am able to absorb the energy that propagate from your sex. It's just a moment and happiness.

are light.


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